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  1. Homelessness is a Chronic Problem In Palm Beach County.

  2. According to the PEACE organization; the number of persons who are homeless have increased while access to affordable housing has decreased. 

  3. 8,210 homeless adults accessed healthcare services in 2017 (Health Care District, Public Records Request 2017)

 Scores of homeless persons are seen in Palm Beach County on a daily basis. They are seen at traffic stops, pushing their carts with their possessions on the street, lying under trees, at the bus stops, in parking lots and many persons are seen sleeping in the Park in Down-Town West Palm Beach.

While our organization cannot provide the shelter that is needed due to financial constraints.

In our mobile unit we provide care packages and gift cards for meals to those who we come in contact with.

Monetary Donations are accepted

Please call 561 301 7131

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