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About us


Tabitha's Mission is a 501c3  non-profit organization founded by Barbara Henriques, a Registered Nurse who felt the call on her life to improve the lives of people especially those living in rural areas with Diabetes and Hypertension.

The nonprofit organization was started in 2015. 

 The team is made up on physicians, nurses and other healthcare workers who are passionate about the healthcare of rural people.

Empowerment through Education

We empower persons to take charge of their health by teaching health promotion and disease prevention. This is done with emphasis on nutrition, exercise, and medical management. 

We educate locals on the benefits of planting and eating more fruits and vegetables. We also provide training to the locals on how to do health screening for hypertension and diabetes.

Our local physicians provide treatment for those diagnosed with these two disease. We also provide financial support (to those who qualify) to help with the cost of medication.  


People ​

Empowerment through Education


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