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Walk for Health


We believe that residents of rural areas were given  "pots of gold" that remain underutilized . We believe that this "pot of gold" is the soil. Years ago people in rural areas lived off the land, they planted their own food and the surplus they shared with neighbors or sold at the markets. People were healther then.  Today people have left the land and now have become dependent on imported mass produced food. This type of food is sometimes chemically engineered and is very deficient in the necessary nutrients needed to maintain a healthy balance. So to promote healthy eating we encourage rural residents to return to the land and start a backyard garden. We provide the seeds needed to start this venture and we also provide experts in the field of agriculture who are able to give tips on the art of gardening.





Backyard  Gardens




 Research has shown that exercise is one of the mainstay in health promotion and disease prevention. Walking is one of the simpliest and easiest form of exercise.

Walking has shown to have many benefits including; improves blood sugar levels , improves blood pressure levels, reduce  the risk of heart disease, improve mood and reduces obesity.  

As a part of our empowerment process, rural residents are encouraged to partner with a friend and walk a mile a day. To make the walk interesting they are encouraged to use different paths each day and to find something of interest that grabbed their attention during the walk to discuss at the end. The miles are logged into their diary daily. 









Hypertension and Diabetes Screening:


High Blood Pressure is called the "silent killer" because many times there are no warning signs or symptoms. Often the signs and symptoms occur only when there are already damage to the body organs. Because of this it is very important for people to have their blood pressure checked regularly.

Our organization do ongoing education of community residents on management of hypertension and diabetes. As part of our program two residents from each community are trained to do hypertension and diabetes testing. Those suffering from hypertension and diabetes are encouraged to do weekly testing for hypertension and diabetes.


Become A Volunteer

’Physicians, Nurses, and Nutritionists are needed who are passionate about rural health to volunteer their time to make a difference in rural areas of the Caribbean and North America.  

Other  Programs

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