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Spring - The Season of Regeneration

In my Garden

Spring: Fear! Critters! Planting…

So Hello my fellow Peeps,

Long time we don’t connect. Quess what? Spring is in the air! the birds are chirping, the roosters are crowing, the mango trees are blossoming and, I walked outside filled with anticipation.

My goal this morning was to utilize mother earth to plant various herbs and vegetables; one at a time.

As much as I am scared of the many critters that abound in the grass in my yard I decided that they would not prevent me from doing my planting. So I pulled on my favorite ripped up jeans, pushed my feet in my almost too tight water-boots, and headed for the backyard with my hoe and Fork. I shook my fist with resolute at the multitude of lizards peering at me with their yellow and red tongue flipping back and forth as they rested on the branches of my plants. The lizards were everywhere; on the trees, running on the ground, some even mating. But my dreaded enemy the snake I prayed that I didn’t see.

So I dug and pulled at crab grass until my stenosed back cried out in agony, holding my back I gingerly hopped toward my stool and sat for a while to relieve the pain. The pain always disappears with sitting! Then I was up again pulling at that tough crab grass that had sunk its tentacles way down in the earth. It was a tough fight to get the grass up but finally my perseverance paid off and I had cleared enough grass to dig the hole.

I poured the water triumphantly down the newly formed hole, stuck my thyme plant in and gently covered it with soil, using my feet to stamp on the dirt to get rid of the air pockets. I felt such a sense of accomplishment; whoopee! I had weathered the fear of the critters and had started my herbal garden.

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