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  • Combating Hypertension and Diabetes in Residents living in North America and the Caribbean with concentration in Rural Communities.

  • Improving the Quality of Life for the Elderly and Disabled living in Rural Communities.

  • Improving the lives of the Homeless population by improving their personal care needs and providing access to meals. 

In Good Hands

HYPERTENSION(HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ) and DIABETES are two of the leading cause of deaths worldwide. Many people especially those living in rural areas die because they cannot afford to pay for medical services to treat these diseases.


According to the World Health Organization the incidence of Diabetes  has quadrupled. Many people are dying and suffering from complications because of not receiving adequate care.

Our goal is to journey with you so you can gain the knowledge, receive adequate care and be empowered to gain control and stop Diabetes devastating effects.

Sponsorship Needed

Sponsor an individual and assist with paying for their monthly medication or sponsor an individual to provide financial support for physician's visit.

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